Kial Fukuda

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page. Below is some work from my senior project. (Most recent towards the top). You can find my portfolio here.

For my senior project, I am creating concepts for 3 characters and 1 environment for an action stealth game where two rival assassin groups team up to take down a rogue assassin who has been indiscriminately killing their targets and innocent civilians.

Harriet is the leader of the human assassins group and master of persuasion. Her bunny helmet shows her various statistics and objectives and acts as the HUD in game. Her weapon of choice is a cane that turns into a whip.

She may also really like rabbits. 

"Snips" is a melee character who uses her agility and ability to climb walls and ceilings to take down or sneak past guards. Since she cannot verbally communicate to her teammates, she has developed a unique set of gestures and series of taps on her microphone (which is on the inside of her mask) to communicate. Her weapons of choice are her claws and throwing knives.

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