Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nick Williams - Week... 11?

Alright so this week was devoted to pushing the foliage, rocks, and ground elements the most. I hope to wrap them up by this next week. In this next week I'll push development on the ship. I've kind of ended up developing everything at once rather than each piece from start to finish in order, and I feel this workflow has really benefited me in the long run. Renders this week show most of the plant life modeled, unwrapped, baked (normal/AO) and with basic textures applied (not final textures). From here it should be 60% Crashed ship development, 20% Wrapping up foliage and larger plants, and 10% finishing and applying substances.

Misc. Foliage:

Ground/Large Rock Elements

 Other plant progress...
(built straight then path deformed to splines for variation)


Wet Mud

Webby Grass WIP


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